Jedi Master Sagan

Celebrate science, skepticism and geekdom with the Jedi Master Sagan wallpaper! Available in standard, widescreen, and for your iPhone and iPad. Download for your enjoyment and make a donation! You’ll be helping out a nerdy skeptical artist and her efforts to promote critical thinking through art.

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14 Responses

  1. Sara E.M. Says:

    The site’s comments database crashed and had to be repaired. All comments submitted during the downtime would’ve been lost, so you’d need to resubmit them. Thanks!

  2. biopunk Says:

    This is awesome Sara, in sentiment and design!

    Now, about a shirt…

  3. Sara E.M. Says:

    Do you think I could get away with that? Poor Carl isn’t around, but Lucas might not be too keen!

  4. Aaron Says:

    This is the most awesome wallpaper I’ve ever seen. Submitted to, so hopefully they’ll post a link.

  5. Indi Says:

    Love it. You didn’t have an Identica button, so I manually shared it there. I hope that’s okay.

  6. biopunk Says:

    I think you could. It’s parody and not malicious, and the world really does need a decent Sagan shirt!

  7. axx Says:

    I like it! It’s going up on my wall now 😉

  8. Majstro Ĵedaja Sagan | Sciemo Says:

    […] Kanadanina mangaverkistino Sara MAYHEW (Sara MEJHU) kreis novan kaj mojosan tributon pro Sagan: la Majstro Ĵedaja Sagan fonabildo. […]

  9. Paul Ingraham Says:

    I approve of this message. Downloading, donating …

  10. Garret Says:

    Thank you; I am never changing my wallpaper again.

  11. Amos Says:

    That’s great! Are you willing to share the vector file so people can resample for a larger screen or other purpose?

  12. Kris Helagas Says:

    “Standard? Widescreen?” How about stating actual resolutions?

  13. Empty Immensity » Blog Archive » Master Sagan Says:

    […] From Sara Mayhew […]

  14. Aingeru Genaut Says:

    Long live to the Master
    You will always be with us!

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