Carl Sagan Day

Tomorrow, November 6th, is Carl Sagan Day! Whether or not you participate in the organized events or the above activities, you can share in the celebration with this special piece I sketched up just in time for the 2nd annual all-day celebration of the famous astronomy, skeptic, and science educator. Send it to your friends!

And now that you know the artist’s beverage of choice you can help her celebrate and buy her a drink:


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Update: Nov.6th is when the 2nd Annual Carl Sagan Day event takes place. Nov. 9th is Carl Sagan’s birthday. There are several events taking place throughout the month, but “Carl Sagan Day” is taking place, this year on Saturday the 6th.

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  2. Melvin Says:

    Correction: His birthday is November 9; that’s when CFI is celebrating. Cheers!

  3. Sara E.M. Says:

    Indeed, his birthday is the 9th, however, events start on Saturday, as the link lists.

  4. Ian Andreas Miller Says:

    Ha ha, great! I love it!

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  6. Tom Broscius Says:

    His show Cosmos, was the greatest. I thoroughly enjoyed it and still do. It never gets old. Tom

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  8. MarkHB Says:

    I think I may love you with a passion that burns with billyuns and billyuns of stars.

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