Masters of the Universe screenplay of my dreams

I’m a huge He-man and She-ra geek so I’d love to see a movie. But all the concepts I’ve heard of floating around the net have made me cringe; every one except, heh, this one:

A blue-green planet with icy polar regions and diverse geological features orbits its star, accompanied by two moons.
There is a world so old that its birth was as close to the edge of time a world’s could be …and so, it came to be known as Eternia.
Six portals appear in a circle. Seven beings emerge, one from each portal, except for a man and woman holding hands from out of the last one. The ruins are so old the place is barely distinguishable from the natural surroundings of rock and sand. A few remanent pillars are small stumps and a large circular slab looks as though it must have once been as perfect as the glowing portals around it. The beings appear as if they have been gone an unimaginably long time, yet look at one another with familiarity. They have all been on a seemingly timeless adventure throughout the cosmos.
Long ago, seven Eternians became known as “The Wanderers” as they traveled the cosmos in search of secrets to space and time. They returned to their home world, each with the knowledge of a thousand lifetimes.
Young GRAYSKULL(30s) and his wife, YOUNG SORCERESS(30s) hold each other close as GRAYSKULL holds out his hand. They are both beautiful with well-built physiques. Although they both carry swords, they are dressed as explorers, not warriors.
My Eternian brothers and sisters, we have all returned from the endless corners of the universe to our home where our journey first began.
A luminous globe forms in his hand.
I share with you the powers from the knowledge we have returned with.
He hands the orb to YOUNG SORCERESS.
I share with you the powers from the knowledge we have returned with.
She hands the orb to the next wanderer in the circle.
Let every Eternian share in the bounty of our quest so that every mind may profit from the secrets we each have harvested from the fabric of the cosmos.
The orb is passed along to each wanderer until it reaches the last in the circle, HORDAK. The only features of HORDAK that resemble the monster he’s to become are his ears and eyes; large Elvish ears and wild red eyes. He holds the orb in his hand and pauses before finally speaking.
With our combined powers, we are masters of space and time. What reason could there be for giving it away?
GRAYSKULL snatches the orb out of his hands after giving HORDAK a puzzled look.
Have you forgotten that we were sent to the stars, each of us, by the people of Eternia, as ambassadors of the curious and benevolent citizens of this world? To seek out all knowledge we could, in the name of peace, and return to share this gift?
Was it out of shame or fear or simply greed that the Seventh Wanderer withheld all he knew from the rest? For he knew that there were many worlds on his journey where he had dishonored Eternia’s peaceful ways. His name left behind death and destruction. His name, was Hordak.
HORDAK breaks away from the circle to leave.
You are a fool, Grayskull and none of you will ever know my power!
He climbs down the remnants of a set of stairs, leaving the circle of wanderers behind.
Cities have grown around the ancient ruins, now rebuilt as a shrine to the orb of knowledge.
The people of Eternia prospered from the knowledge of The Wanderers. Innovation was shared and spread across the land. Some of this great power, not yet understood, was referred to by some as Magic. But the peaceful years could not last forever…not while Hordak roamed.
HORDAK roams Eternia, murdering and destroying everything in his path, including four of The Wanderers; out of the original seven only GRAYSKULL and the YOUNG SORCERESS now remain.
HORDAK walks into the city, to the steps leading up to the Orb Shrine. He is covered in blood and his bare feet leave bloody footprints as he approaches.
(yelling) Grayskull!
GRAYSKULL and the YOUNG SORCERESS enter the courtyard of the shrine, and stand between HORDAK and the orb.
Is that your blood, my brother?
HORDAK spreads his arms out to the side, blood dripping off of him.
I will complete my powers and you will both soon join your brothers and sisters as sacrifices to my glory.
GRAYSKULL and the YOUNG SORCERESS unsheathe their swords and lead the battle between HORDAK and the people of the city.
Grayskull and his love would lead the people in battle and drive away Hordak. But on this day, another of The Seven Wanderers would fall.
HORDAK produces an orb of energy that pierces through the YOUNG SORCERESS. She collapses on the steps to the orb shrine with a huge impalement through her chest, blood cascades down the stairs.
(whispers) My love…
GRAYSKULL runs to her side and holds her in his arms. A mob of people with swords and weapons drive HORDAK back and he disappears through a portal.
It was Grayskull’s broken heart that built the castle of his name. He could not bare to part with his only love.
As GRAYSKULL holds the YOUNG SORCERESS in his arms, the orb of knowledge bursts into a ray of light. The earth around the shrine begins to form into a castle.
And so, by all his power he formed her into a new being, The Sorceress. Only within the walls of this new fortress was her life extended, for she was now one with the knowledge of The Wanderers as was the castle itself: Castle Grayskull.
The castle takes the form of the face of a skull, representing the death it was built from. The people of the city look on in amazement. GRAYSKULL and the SORCERESS stand together in the throne room, which was once the circular shrine to the orb and the point where The Wanderers returned, long ago.
The last Wanderer became known as King Grayskull, keeper of the secrets of his Castle. He and his Sorceress knew the time would come when Hordak would return.
Castle Grayskull is a lone structure in an open valley. HORDAK, now an unrecognizable monster, stands ready to attack the castle, with the army he has gathered.
The final battle between the King and the Dark Lord ended with the sacrifice of King Grayskull’s life. But before his death, he would banish Hordak from the planet, and seal all the portals that led to Eternia.
The SORCERESS stands at the mouth of the Castle, where KING GRAYSKULL lays lifeless on the drawbridge. By now, it is twilight. She kneels down and places his sword across his body.
But what could the Sorceress do to save her King?
She stands and holds out her twin sword above him.
Your sword, my King, shall be a vessel of your powers. And he who wields it in your name shall become the one, the almighty, the most powerful man in the universe.
KING GRAYSKULL’s body disappears in a huge display of white light which leaves only his sword behind. The SORCERESS carries it away as she slowly reenters the castle with the two swords in her hands.
The camera pans upwards as she disappears into the darkness of the doorway, scrolling up the face of the castle until we see the Eternian night sky with two full moons. The title forms across the screen:
Well, that’s the beginning of what I’d like to see…
But I don’t make movies, I just make manga doodles.

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