Sara’s Year in Review 2012


This year was pretty amazing for me! Here’s a roundup of all the events, media, and work that came along in 2012.

• I produced a few silly science videos called The Never Ending Cosmos
with Sciency Sadie
• Typesetting for Digital Manga Publishing (NSFW)
• Q&A session for Canadore College students in Graphic Design.
• Interview on Exploring the Well.
• Interview on The Invisible Sky Monster.
• Interview on Sci-fi Saturday Night podcast.
• Cover and featured article for Skeptical Inquirer magazine.
• The Amazing Meeting 2012 talk “A Life of Art and Skepticism“.
• Speaker at CSICon in Nashville.
• Opened Etsy shop.
• Speaker at Eschaton in Ottawa.
• Special Guest on Virtual Skeptics #18.

Great stuff is coming for 2013, too! Including more Legend of the Ztarr.

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