Indiegogo Campaign: Get Original Legend of the Ztarr Art!

I’ve been working on some of the original Legend of the Ztarr art pieces that contributors to my Indiegogo campaign will receive for helping me reach my goal. These are unique sketches and inks made especially for the generous funders.

adora-indiegogo jhed-indiegogo

I’ve nearly reached my goal of $2000, which will enable me to buy a Cintiq Companion; a drawing tablet from Wacom, which will replace my old Cintiq 21UX. The Cintiq is an essential piece of drawing equipment for me. I use it for all my illustration work. My current model is around 6 years old and very large and heavy. The new model is compact and portable. My plan is to use it to continue work on my manga series, Legend of the Ztarr, which I’m planning to create into a print graphic novel series via Kickstarter in a few months.

But the first step is being able to purchase this expensive but essential device. Thank you to all the funders who have brought me this far. I hope you’ll help spread the link to your friends who might be interested in some collectible manga art.

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    Indiegogo Campaign: Get Original Legend of the Ztarr Art! – #manga

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