25 Women in Science Worth Promoting

You may have read some debate over Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait, promoting Mayim Bialik, an actress with a PhD in neuroscience, as a role model for promoting women in science. Bialik portrays a scientist on TV, but is a spokesperson for a long list of pseudo-scientific garbage that no respectable science role model should be peddling. As a woman with a passion for science myself, I find it frustratingly insulting for a science communicator like Plait to be scrapping the bottom of the barrel like this; there’s no reason to make excuses for a woman who promotes dangerous anti-science views simply because she’s an actress with a degree. Especially when there are so very many brilliant women role models in science for us to promote.

So, I came up with my own graphic of 25 women in science worth promoting as role models. They weren’t hard to find and there are plenty more.


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  1. Tezcatlipoca Says:

    Nice starter list.

  2. Searching for the next generation of STEM leaders in the Americas | LatinAmericanScience.org Says:

    […] the Huffington Post, Scientific American and Science magazine, and was recently named one of 25 Women in Science Worth Promoting. She has delivered dozens of lectures and workshops throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and […]

  3. Casey Pittman Says:

    Anyone from the American Enterprise Institute isn’t on my high list of scientific individuals.

  4. Sara E.M. Says:

    Thanks, Casey. I tried to make this a group of women who I know and must admit that Kitchens is the one who I am least familiar with; I’m not completely familiar with all her views, but the rest of the list is comprised of people I either personally know, have met in person, or is also a TED Fellow. It’s possible that I was hasty in adding her to the list and it was simply an attempt to add a conservative into the group. It’s possible she shouldn’t be promoted as a role model, but the original point of this graphic was to demonstrate how easy it is to come up with people within STEM who are women that we need not settle for pseudoscience peddling actresses. I felt that Plait made it seem like there’s such a scarcity of women with PhDs that Bialik was ‘good enough’.

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