This is the sketchblog of Sara E. Mayhew–that’s me! Nerdy ramblings on my favourite topics are combined with geek-a-licious manga artwork. I suppose this is also a bit of a skeptical blog with manga doodles thrown in…skeptimanga!

The title of the blog is a reference to a line spoken by Jean-luc Picard in an episode of Star Trek:TNG, “Chain of Command”.

Why create this blog?

I want to share my passion for learning about science and, perhaps, encourage others like me with no background in science to take an interest. This is also my place to share all the nerdtastic and geekalicious stuff I love.

What is a mangaka?

A mangaka is a creator (write and illustrator) of manga. Manga is a form of sequential art which originated in Japan. Most people are more familiar with the animated form of manga, anime. The word ‘manga’ is basically the Japanese word for ‘comic book’. There are a lot of key differences between manga and traditional western comics, which I often discuss in my panels and workshops I speak at during my guest appearances at anime conventions and local schools/libraries.

About Me:

I am a writer, illustrator, mangaka and TED Fellowship member. My hometown is Kirkland Lake, ON, Canada. I graduated from Canadore College’s Graphic Design Production program in 2005 and have worked as a self-publisher, web designer, and freelance illustrator. In 2007, I received the Northern Arts grant from the Ontario Arts Council for work on my indie manga graphic novel, the international award-winning Secrets of Sorcerers. My newest series, Legend of the Ztarr, is available on the iPad, Nook, and Sony Reader.

For my illustration process I’m equipped with a Wacom Cintiq 21UX drawing tablet, Wacom Intuos II Platinum and use Adobe CS5 Design Suite, Comic Works, and Manga Studio 3 EX.

More information about me, my work, and upcoming events can be found at www.saramayhew.com. Follow me on Twitter @saramayhew.

Secrets of Sorcerers Vol. 1 (writer, illustrator) (graphic novel) 2005 | Buy on Amazon |
Love Pet (writer, illustrator) (webmanga) 2006
The First Emperor (illustrator) (graphic novel) 2006 | Buy on Amazon|
ChickaDEE (illustrator) (magazine) Nov. 2006

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