Apr 27

The Rising Star grant is my new fundraiser to send young talent (between ages 18-30) to the Amazing Meeting 2013. So far, it will be sending 6 rising stars to the event this July, in Las Vegas. Keep donating!


Jessica Castillo

Currently studying philosophy at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, Jessica plans on pursuing a career in education. She’s 29, has two lovely daughters, and many different passions in life all stemming from overwhelming curiosity and a genuine love of learning. Ultimately, she’s eager to become an advocate for skepticism and education.




Ana Ruiz 

Ana was born in Miami Florida, with parents from Cuba. She grew up as a Catholic Christian, but converted to evangelical Christianity in her early teens. As a devoted evangelical Christian, she became disillusioned after attending University. She moved to New York when she was 12 and has lived there ever since, currently working as a freelance web developer, with the hope to go back to school after her daughter gets a bit older.



Sasha Halasz 

Sasha graduated in May from Moravian College with honors in Neuroscience. She was very involved as an undergraduate in many clubs and organizations including serving as president of her campus neuroscience club and volunteering for local community partners. She has been very engaged in research throughout her undergraduate career and recently completed a yearlong study of a potential treatment for Parkinson’s disease for her senior thesis. She is a strong advocate for science research and outreach and has traveled to the past two Society for Neuroscience national conferences as well as Capitol Hill Day in D.C to promote a scientific perspective. She has a particular interest in health and medicine and will be attending medical school this August.


Kyle Sanders

Kyle is a C-130 Air Force pilot currently stationed in Little Rock, Arkansas, graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2008, and has since been engaged in local groups at each of his duty locations. With a passion for science communication, he is also an artist creating a new a comic strip, “Carbon Dating”, for web and print about science and relationships, written specifically for the skeptic audience.


BrandieHesseBrandie Hesse

Brandie is a fourth year history student and the University of Calgary and upcoming president of the University of Calgary Freethinkers Club, which produces a club podcast and organizes local events. She intends to complete a double major in philosophy, obtain a PhD, and become a research professor and author of books on the history of religion. Her passion for activism focuses on humanism and the elimination of discrimination, and is interested in future involvement in politics to promote these goals.



Trent Brusky

Trent is a musician and the creator of Dropfox, a project dedicated to providing music to secular, freethought, science, and skeptic podcasts, having produced tracks for Oddments, Dogma Debate, Meet the Skeptics, The Skeptic Zone, and Skepticality. He is also an engineer technology student and State College of Florida and hopes to work in alternative energies in the future.

Dec 17


This year was pretty amazing for me! Here’s a roundup of all the events, media, and work that came along in 2012.

• I produced a few silly science videos called The Never Ending Cosmos
with Sciency Sadie
• Typesetting for Digital Manga Publishing (NSFW)
• Q&A session for Canadore College students in Graphic Design.
• Interview on Exploring the Well.
• Interview on The Invisible Sky Monster.
• Interview on Sci-fi Saturday Night podcast.
• Cover and featured article for Skeptical Inquirer magazine.
• The Amazing Meeting 2012 talk “A Life of Art and Skepticism“.
• Speaker at CSICon in Nashville.
• Opened Etsy shop.
• Speaker at Eschaton in Ottawa.
• Special Guest on Virtual Skeptics #18.

Great stuff is coming for 2013, too! Including more Legend of the Ztarr.

Oct 20

Oct 11
LIVE Manga Doodles!
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Watch me, manga artist and author, doodle LIVE and draw YOUR favourite fandom characters! Send $5 via PayPal to [email protected] with the name of the character you’d like a drawing of and watch it come to life LIVE during the hangout! You’ll receive your printable digital manga doodle!


Here are some doodles from out last broadcast!

Sep 7
More Events Ahead for 2012
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I had a great time in Vegas at The Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM2012) this past July and there are still a few events planned for the rest of the year. My old suitcases were on there last leg, so I splurged on some brand new Victoria’s Secret PINK luggage. I love ‘em!

My talks will be on how art can be used to promote science and skepticism. Be sure to check out my books and merchandise that you can bring along for autographs!

OCTOBER 25-27th: CSICon, Nashville, TN

NOVEMBER 30 – DEC 2nd: Eschanton, Ottawa, ON

Jul 30

This month, I spoke again at The Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM 2012), in Las Vegas; the annual science and skepticism conference, hosted by the JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation). I thought I’d post about some of my talk, as well as some of the accompanied slides, since there were several requests to post them online. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my talk and came to say hello at the book signing (and I’m happy to hear my books sold out at the book table!).

I wanted to start off my talk with a little manga drawing lesson, as a fun way to explain what manga is.

The focus of my talk is the connection between my life as an artist and my life as a skeptic; I want to convey how these two worlds compliment one another in my work. As a fan of science and skeptic conferences myself, I realize that most talks and panels revolve around more traditional science-based topics, with a lot of solid facts, moderated debates, and well structured lectures. My aim was to present an out-of-the-ordinary subject, a more personal take, and in a talking style more freestyle than I’ve typically done before.

I hope you’ll all join me this October in Nashville for CSICon. I’ll be presenting my talk there as well and have some new content and modifications I’m planning on making. Everyone at TAM was very enthusiastic at the book signing and even in passing in the hallways about telling me they enjoyed my talk. I put a lot of effort into the hand-drawn slides, so I’m glad they were well received.

Jul 2
2012 Events
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In a few days, I’ll be heading to Las Vegas, NV, for the biggest skeptic event of the year, The Amaz!ng Meeting. The conference runs July-13-15th and I’ll be speaking Saturday morning. Don’t miss it!

This fall, I’ll be in Nashville for CSICon, CSI and CFI’s second awesome skeptic conference and Halloween party. I’m super excited for this one, so make sure to register and come party with us.

For my fellow Canadians, I’ll have details on some events I’ll be doing here in Ontario in the fall as well. Stay tuned.

Nov 13

In 2009, I sent this little tweet, which enjoyed many RTs (including one from @BadAstronomer).

The next year, I decided to transform the idea into manga form. Again, it was blogged by the lovely Bad Astronomer. The drawing has appeared in a few of my talks as well.

This year, I was thrilled to find out that my creation jumped from cyberspace to meatspace! The Chicago Skeptics celebrated Carl Sagan Day by eating apple pie and drinking Cosmos! Amazing! I’m glad they joined the fine Mayhew tradition!

Mar 14

The Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM) is an annual celebration of science, skepticism and critical thinking. People from all over the world come to Amaz!ng Meetings each year to share learning, laughs and the skeptical perspective with their fellow skeptics and a host of distinguished guest speakers and panelists.

I’ll be a guest speaker at this year’s TAM, July 14-17th, at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa, Las Vegas, NV. Other amaz!ng speakers include keynote speaker Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Penn & Teller, PZ Myers, Phil Plait, Michael Shermer, Mythbuster’s Adam Savage, and of course, James Randi along with many other amazing people.


Aug 19
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I’m back in northern Ontario in my little hometown, Kirkland Lake. I was in Montreal over the weekend as a guest at an anime convention called Otakuthon. I was a guest at the first Otakuthon, five years ago, when it was much smaller. This year’s event was fantastic and took place at the lovely Palais des Congress de Montreal. My first panel took place Friday evening which was my presentation “Skepticism Through Manga”. The talk went well, despite some technical difficulties; unfortunately I made the mistake of trusting my little HP notebook running Vista (why would I do that?!) as if it runs like my very trustworthy Alienware Area 51.

Quinton and I spent most of our time between panels at my guest table in the exhibitor hall, selling copies of my books and his 8×10 headshots. His first autograph session took place on Saturday and, unfortunately, had to be cut off at the end of the hour. He had a great Q&A session later in the afternoon, which took place right before my next panel, “Manga Storytelling: Writing and Illustration”.

My original plans were to head back to LA after the convention and then fly into Atlanta for Dragon*Con a couple weeks later. Unfortunately, after my last visit in the US, I was denied entry across the border; I’ve spent a lot of time visiting the US over the past year and that combined with my status as a freelancer made it possible for the border officer to deny me entry as an alleged intending immigrant.

I assure you the experience in secondary inspection was quite horrible—-I was in the waiting room separated from Quinton for over 2 hours without any indication of why I was there and once I was actually spoken to by the officer it was very emotionally distressing. But, alas, there isn’t much that can be done—-border officers can deny entry to anyone at their own discretion. Since Canadians don’t need tourist visas, it seems it can be easy for things to get messy (since you don’t actually have a visa to overstay). So, for now, I’m advised to postpone another attempted crossing for at least 6 months.

This means that my scheduled guest appearance at Dragon*Con won’t be happening this year. I was really looking forward to attending and being part of the Skeptrack. On the upside, it might sound really badass if you’d like to call me banned in America!

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