Oct 17

Feb 12

Darwin Day doodles are back! Make a donation of any amount and receive a hand-drawn 4×6″ manga doodle of Charles Darwin.


Feb 9


Empty Bottle



Each Valentine is hand-drawn on beautiful 4×6″ glossy stock! A wonderfully unique gift for your Zelda loving sweetie.


Jan 19

To celebrate the success of the Alan Turing biopic, The Imitation Game, I’ve brought back the popular science doodle of the amazing scientist and war hero. To get your Alan Turing manga doodle, simply make a donation!



Thanks for your support!

Sep 14


Monthly Manga Doodles are BACK! September’s scientist is Michael Faraday, born September 22nd, 1791. Faraday was a British physicist and chemist who pioneered the field of electromagnetism. Among his many inventions is the Faraday cage.

As always, get your own hand drawn manga doodle from this collectible science series simply by donating any amount!

Jun 4


This month brings a very special Monthly Manga Doodle—two, in fact! Get a hand drawn ink of Jacques Cousteau by donating any amount. Your donations help support indie art and celebrates science! Explorer and inventor, Jacques Cousteau was born June 11th, 1910. Donate any amount and receive a Super Mario inspired Cousteau!


As a special bonus, you could get one of five manga doodles of Alan Turing, born June 23rd, 1912. The top five highest donations given until the 23rd will get the British mathematician in addition to the French explorer of sea life!

Get Jacques Cousteau with any donation amount!

The top five highest donors by June 23rd get a bonus Alan Turing!

May 3


Richard Feynman was born May 11, 1918. This months’ manga donation doodle celebrates this Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist! As always, you can get your hand drawn and signed manga doodle simply by making a donation of any amount.

Buying these science themed drawings not only celebrates a love of great thinkers, but also helps fund an indie artist like myself to keep on creating. Your support means a lot to me.

Please Donate!


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Apr 6


Leonardo Da Vinci was  born April 15th, 1452. Celebrate this Renaissance man’s love of art and science with a hand drawn manga doodle—yours with any donation amount! Your support means a lot to indie artists like me. Thanks so much.

Make a donation and you’ll receive a hand inked manga drawing of cute little Leo and his smirking gal.

Mar 2


Albert Einstein, born March 14, 1879

After a very successful Darwin Day, and by popular demand, I present Einstein Day Drawings! You get a hand drawn manga ink of Albert Einstein when you make a donation of any amount. March celebrates Einstein’s birthday on the 14th. Support indie art and celebrate science at the same time!


Feb 11

February 12th is Darwin Day, celebrating famous scientist, Charles Darwin!

I’m making cute manga ink drawing of Darwin for those who make a donation to my site. You’ll get a handmade manga illustration in ink on 90lb paper stock.

Manga Darwin

Please donate any amount you wish. Each donor will receive a signed hand-drawn ink of Darwin as a cute manga chibi. As an indie artist, I make a living from my commissions, manga series sales, and donations to my free online webseries. I’m currently dealing with a US medical bill and your added support will help me weather the unexpected expense to my unpredictable freelancer income.

Thank you so much! Support indie art and get a cute science drawing—I call that a DarWin/Win! heh heh…

Happy Darwin Day!

 Darwin Art


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